How to Make Meringue in a Vitamix: Simple 7 Steps

If you have a sweet tooth and you are a lover of meringue, this is to let you know that you can make the dessert yourself in the comforts of your home, Making meringue by hand can be daunting if you are a stickler for perfection, especially when the outcome you want is a delicate and fluffy texture. 

But can you make your amazing meringue in a blender? The answer is an outstanding yes, if you employ a powerful blender like the Vitamix, you simplify the meringue-making process and your task becomes more efficient. The Vitamix is an ideal tool for making your meringue due to its many benefits, making it an acceptable choice for your homemade meringue as well as for your use in the professional circle.

The Vitamix, due to its durable motor and high blending speed feature will give you the power and precision necessary to make your meringue easily. Using the Vitamix will make your meringue light and voluminous as it results in air being incorporated into the mix, plus the Vitamix can whip your eggs in less time than it would take your hands and with less mess. So if you have got a Vitamix you are on your way to making nothing short of the best meringues.

Advantages of Using Vitamix for Your Meringue

Well, one of the big advantages of using Vitamix to make your Meringue is that it will quickly and very efficiently whisk your eggs to perfection. With a blender such as the Vitamix, you remove the risk of overbeating or under-whisking the meringue, instead, you get a consistent and thorough whisking of your eggs due to the powerful motor of the Vitamix, plus the variable speed allows you to control the mixing, monitoring the progress so that you can get the texture or stiffness you want for your meringue.

Meringue Recipe

Below is a very simple meringue you can make in no time with your Vitamix blender.


  • 4 egg whites at room temperature
  • ½ teaspoon cream of tartar
  • 1 cup of sugar
  • Vanilla 


  • Put your egg white in your blender and set it to low speed.
  • Whip the eggs until frothy and fluffy.
  • Add vanilla and cream of tartar and continue whisking the eggs.
  • Increase the blending speed as you add sugar gradually.
  • Keep blending until a stiff peak is achieved.
make meringue in a blender

How to make Meringue in a Vitamix

To get the best out of your Vitamix-made meringue, have your ingredients such as egg white at the ready, along with sugar and if you like, some acidic ingredients such as lemon, vinegar or cream of tartar. You can also include binding agents e.g. flour to the eggs, to strengthen the egg white and make it more stable.

While it has been established that the blender gives you an advantage when you want to make your meringue, there are steps you should take to get the maximum result from your Vitamix, below are steps that would give you a delicious meringue with your Vitamix.

  1. Prepare your Vitamix

Make sure your Vitamix is clean and clear of debris before you decide to plunge into trying your hand at making the meringue. If you need to use the Vitamix right away, wash the washable parts first, then let them dry or wipe them off with a cloth.

  1. Attach the Whisk Accessory

Some Vitamix comes with a whisk accessory that allows you to carry out the whisking of the egg whites. If the whisk does not come included in the container, then you would have to attach it to the blender and also ensure it is secured before you make use of the blender. Although the use of the whisk attached to the blender is not mandatory as you can whisk your egg whites by hand before it is incorporated with the other ingredients, if you want to use your Vitamix to whisk the eggs, do so at low speed because the speed of the blade would not allow a proper mix of the egg whites.

  1. Add Ingredients

It is time to put in your ingredients, add your egg white first and whisk to the texture you desire. Make sure that you do not let the egg yolk slip through your notice into the egg white, as this will affect the stability of your whisked eggs and ultimately affect the outcome of your meringue. Once you have gotten the outcome you want from your eggs you can begin adding other ingredients such as the sugar and any other flavours you want. Add the sugar one teaspoon at a time so as not to overly sweeten your meringue, the taste has to be just right.

  1. Start Blending

You can start blending once your ingredients have been added to the egg whites, start at low speed and gradually take it to high speed. Blending at low speed allows you to blend all ingredients thoroughly and as you increase the speed gradually the whole mix starts to become fluffy and smooth. 

As you blend and adjust the speed, check the texture constantly so that you don’t over-blend your ingredients, causing your meringue to become unstable. It is also now that you can spice up the taste of your meringue by adding 

  1. Achieve Stiff Peak

Your meringue is ready when the egg white has risen and has a glossy look, if you tilt your blender jar also, the meringue shouldn’t slide out or contain any water at the base of your jar. Once this outcome is achieved, you can say that your meringue has reached a stiff peak.

  1. Serve and Store

Once you have gotten the desired outcome for your meringue, you can just serve it as it is, or save it for later. If you want to save your amazing dessert for later, place it in a piping bag and refrigerate it.

Note: use the meringue within two days, so that you get the best out of it. 

  1. Cleaning and Maintenance 

Once you are done with your blending, detach the components and clean thoroughly, if your Vitamix is self-cleaning, put some water in and a dish of soap and blend for a few minutes. Otherwise, wash them thoroughly with warm water and soap, rinse well and dry the components before storing them.


Why didn’t my Meringue get fluffy?

Your meringue not getting that fluffy texture defeats the idea of the meringue, it could be a result of you not whisking your eggs properly or pouring your sugar in all at once preventing it from being properly incorporated. Overbeating the eggs can also make the meringue became smaller so stop blending as soon as you achieve the desired texture.

Can I make Meringue in any Vitamix?

The answer is yes, any Vitamix can very much serve you well in making an amazing meringue. However, you should check the user manual to follow the instruction specified in it so as to get the best out of it.

Why does my Meringue taste Funny?

Your meringue will have a weird taste if it is under-beaten or it has high moisture content from your extra ingredients. If you do not blend your sugar well, it would not dissolve, making the final outcome grainy, so blend well until the stiff texture is achieved. 


Why it is very much possible to blend your egg white, it is better you whisk it by hand and then use the blender to mix the whisked eggs with the rest of the ingredients, in fact, the entire process can be done by hand but the essence of using the blender is to simplify the process and to get a more desirable outcome. Using the Vitamix blender to make your dessert, is sure to give you that consistency in texture and will definitely give you an exceptional meringue.

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