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At the Blenders Machine, it’s so nice to see you on our About Us page. We feel really glad to see that you are interested to know a bit more about us. Thank you so much.

Well, Blendersmachine.com is an information blog that provides the best product reviews and what you should know before making a purchase online. This blog is purely committed to providing tips for choosing your best product before you purchase from any kind of online store like, amazon.com, eBay.com Etsy.com, etc. Just note only valuable information, we also hardly try to help our visitors by providing essential resources and useful links that they may need to order to implement our tips.

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We hire expert writers and researchers in the security industry to dig deep and find the best products for our readers.  All of our security experts spend time researching and testing equipment and products to provide a complete snapshot of the user’s experience.

However, our primary aim is to help people across the world with valuable and authentic information. And our goal will be achieved if you find this blog a helpful one from a crowd of tons of other websites and blogs.

If you have any questions about us then please feel free to ask right away using our Contact Us page. We will truly appreciate your approach.

Meet Our Editor Team

Precious Akilapa

Precious Akilapa

Title: Senior Content Editor

  • 5+ years of content writing experience
  • Over 100 articles written in the Home & Office Equipment niche.

Precious Akilapa is a prolific content writer with 5+ years of experience creating long-form, research-based articles. Having spent a good amount of that time creating content for the Home-Office Equipment and Interior Design niche, Precious has created over a hundred long-form articles including product reviews, product descriptions, DIY articles, and how-to guides for household items and appliances.

Precious’s knowledge of blenders comes from hundreds of hours of research spanning his 5+ years of experience as a content writer in the Home & Office Equipment niche. He pours this wealth of experience into every article he creates, providing useful insight to help readers make more informed decisions.

Merlyn Miller


  • Published over 900 recipes
  • 10+ years experience writing about cocktails

Merlyn Miller is a seasoned mixologist and writer with a passion for creating and sharing great cocktails and mixed drinks that enrich everyday life.

Merlyn Miller has spent over a decade bartending and writing about cocktails for the Blenders Machine blog and various outlets such as Maximum Yield’s HydroLife and Bar None Drinks. Over this time, He has researched and reported on many aspects related to the art and practice of creating fine drinks.

This experience has allowed him to both rediscover classic cocktails and try modern drinks that have a culinary touch. He has also explored a variety of distilled spirits and ingredients and often goes behind-the-scenes with the talented characters of the hospitality and liquor industries.

Lucy Simon

Title: Cookbook Author and Photographer

Expertise: Southern cuisine, easy recipes, artisan baking, preserving, pressure cooking

Lucy Simon is an avid home cook and food lover with a passion for culinary history and Southern and regional cooking.

Lucy Simon has had a lifelong love affair with cooking. She was introduced to the culinary arts by her father, a baker, and chef who cooked for farms, restaurants, and resorts. Her interest in Southern food began more than 10 years ago when she moved to California.

Lucy has been developing new recipes and writing about food since 1998. She has been a contributor for About.com and The Blenders Machine, focusing on Southern cuisine since 1997. Many of her recipes and articles were featured in online and print publications, including national publications such as Reader’s Digest and Epicurious, and local newspapers like the Memphis Commercial Appeal, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Deseret News, The Erie Times-News, Columbia Star, Press (Newport News ), Times Free Press (Chattanooga), and many more.

Lucy’s knowledge of food comes from her giant collection of cookbooks and food references. She is also an avid baker and enjoys creating rustic artisan breads. Other culinary interests range from home preserving to making fresh pasta.