Wheat Berry Grinding with Vitamix: Easy and Efficient

Whole flour is one of if not the most common food ingredients across all cultures and it is very much possible to make your whole wheat flour in your own home. While it is easy to go to the store and get commercially processed flour from the shelf, it is safer to grind your own wheat berries and get finely ground flour that you could use for any culinary task that requires flour. The Vitamix is a convenient and effective tool, powerful enough to ensure you get quality flour from your wheat berries.

Health benefits of grinding Wheat Berries

There are certain benefits that you get when you grind your wheat berries yourself that you cannot get in commercially processed flour, especially with a powerful blender like the Vitamix. When you blend your wheat at home you retain the maximum nutritional value and the fibre content of the grain, this will make your whole wheat more healthy and fresher.

Wheat berries contain nutrients like vitamins, minerals and some antioxidants, when your grain is crushed it starts to oxidise and lose its ingredients but when you blend your wheat berries, you preserve the integrity of the ingredients of the wheat flour such as iron, magnesium and dietary fibre which is necessary for your digestion. The fibre also helps regulate your blood sugar levels and maintain your weight.

When blending your wheat berries it is best to go slow, the blender is doing the heavy job of crushing the whole wheat and turning it into a fine powder, which makes the wheat hot. That heat is not good for the wheat powder as heat breaks down enzymes and reduces the nutritional value f the whole wheat powder. So when you grind your wheat berries at home or by yourself you retain the natural composition of the grain, this results in a lower glycemic index, unlike the commercially processed ones which cause a rise in blood sugar levels.

Wheat Berry Grinding with Vitamix Easy and Efficient
Wheat Berry Grinding with Vitamix

Wheat and Wheat: How to Choose the right one

It can be daunting to choose the wheat berries that would serve you well so that you will get the flavour you want. Below are some ways wheat berries are differentiated and you can make a choice on what suits you.

1. Hard vs Soft Wheat Berries

There are two types of wheat berries, hard and soft. While hard berries have a high protein content and are good for baking that requires a hard structure soft wheat berries, on the other hand, have a low protein content. Soft wheat berries are perfect for delicate texture baking such as pastries.

2. Red vs White Wheat Berries

Wheat berries also come in varieties, there are red wheat berries and white wheat berries. You can opt for red wheat if you are interested in strong flavours, the red wheat berries are great for whole wheat berries. The white wheat berries n the other hand are mild in taste and are good for lighter-texture baking such as pastries.

3. Organic vs Inorganic

Fresh wheat berries are organic and they are grown without any synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, organic wheat berries are natural and chemical-free making it likely that you get the best flavour and maximum nutritional content in your flour. Unlike inorganic which is commercially processed and lacks the nutritional value found in the organic.

Preparing your Vitamix

Before you grind your wheat berries you have to make sure that your blender is prepared so that you will have a smooth grinding experience. Ensure that your blender is clean, and have the parts washed and dried. If your blender container is not dry before blending it could cause your flour to become mouldy and clumpy especially since you may not use it all at once. If your blender comes with a dry grain container then attach it to the base for use otherwise ensure that the blade of your regular Vitamix is in good condition. If your blade is not in good condition, replace it or repair it, your blender has to be in top condition to get the optimum result from the wheat berries.

Steps to Grind Wheat Berries

Follow the steps below when you want to turn your wheat berries into amazing and fine wheat flour using your Vitamix.

1. Measure the desired amount

Measure out the quantity of wheat berries you want, but know that wheat flour would increase in volume after blending. One cup of whole wheat berries would give you about one and a half cups of freshly blended wheat flour, so when you are measuring your wheat berries to grind, consider what you would need so that you don’t have excesses. Your homemade whole wheat flour will not remain the quality it was when you ground it like the commercially processed one, its nutrients deplete over time, so ensure that you measure what you need.

2. Add the wheat Berries

Ensure that the container is lean and dry and then pour in the measured wheat berries, it is better to blend in small batches. Once you have poured your wheat berries into the blender container lock the lid and fire away.

3. Set the Speed

The Vitamix you seek to use would determine the speed setting you are going to implement as the different models of Vitamix have different speed settings. But the general principle is that you will start at a low speed and gradually increase it if necessary.

4. Monitor the Grinding Process

While you are blending your wheat berries, monitor the texture of the flour and when it has given you the texture you desire, stop blending.  However, if upon checking the flour it feels coarse instead of smooth, continue blending for a few more seconds. The amount of time you blend gives you either a coarse blend for a shorter blend time or a smoother and finer yield for a longer blending time.

5. Storage

If you had blended your wheat berries so as to get flour for some baking but now you have more flour than you need, and you fear your flour losing its nutritional value before you would need it again. Do not fret, you can preserve your flour such that it retains its nutritional value, you can put your flour in an airtight container and keep it in a cool and dry place the freshness would last several days in your pantry. You can also store the ground flour in the fridge or the freezer, it would last two weeks in the fridge and about a month in the freezer.


Tips for Successful Grinding

  • One way to ensure that you have a great result from your wheat berries is to blend in small batches if possible one cup at a time, this allows the wheat berries to rotate evenly and allows for aeration otherwise your flour will clump down on the blade.
  • While you are blending make sure you stop periodically to allow the blender cool, blending at high speed will make your blender very hot and this can affect the outcome of your flour. So do not over blend but allow it to cool down.
  • The last thing is to increase the speed gradually, it is important that you begin at a low speed and increase it gradually so that you can get the best blend of flour. When you increase the speed gradually as you also blend in batches, you prevent overheating of your flour and also ensure the longevity and quality performance of your blender.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Once your blending is done disassemble your Vitamix for a proper cleaning. Wash the parts with soap and warm water, rinse them and set them out to dry. Always check your blades and ensure that they are up to the task whenever needed, if damaged replace them. You can also follow the stipulated instructions regarding the maintenance of your Vitamix as stated in the instruction manual, this would ensure the longevity of your Vitamix.


Grinding your wheat by yourself empowers you to take control of your baking needs and enjoy the benefits of homemade flour. Grinding your own wheat berries not only gives you access to organic, fresh and finely blended flour that is highly nutritious and healthy but also allows you to create homemade masterpieces with your wonderful flour that will wow your friends.

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