Why Is Vitamix So Expensive? 6 Reasons Revealed

If you are currently reading this article, chances are, you have tried to purchase a Vitamix blender but found it to be a little too expensive for your liking. If this describes your situation perfectly, you need not worry. So many other people have had this exact problem in the past. Now this bodes the question, why is Vitamix so expensive? What is it about this brand that makes it so much costlier than most other blenders in the market? Well, in this article, we will be doing our best to provide all the answers you need and more.

So without wasting further ado, let’s dive right in!

Why is Vitamix So Expensive?

Vitamix blenders are some of the most versatile and most reputable blenders on the market. This is why they are in such high demand. Such high-quality blenders are typically on the expensive side, and this is the same for Vitamix blenders.

Taking a closer look at these Vitamix blenders to figure out why they are so expensive, the following stand out.


One of the major differentiating factors that Vitamix blenders have over other blenders- especially other high-end blenders- is their design. 

This is especially so with the Vitamix 5200 which is currently priced at under $550. This blender features a long and narrow canister with an ergonomic design that incorporates less air when blending. This allows the blender to minimize spills and gives the food a silkier and smoother texture. 

It is designed so you don’t have to stop and scrape down mid-blend because all the food is kept contained at the bottom of the taller, thinner container. 

Why Is Vitamix So Expensive

However, with a bigger and wider container, everything gets over aerated so your blend has more bubbles because it has trapped in all the air. With a more narrow design, all the food gets blended at the bottom of the canister, leaving all the air and giving you a denser and smoother blend.

Hence, a slimmer blending container gets you a much better-blending result. However, better results come with higher prices.

Quieter Blend

Most blenders that are less noisy are usually less efficient and produce poor results. However, Vitamix blenders are designed to be quieter but still equally efficient in their output.

They are built for heavy use, especially for restaurants where they would be used quite often; hence, the Vitamix blenders are able to carry more load, while being less noisy.

If you have the money to spare, and you want a high-performance but quiet blender, the Vitamix 5200 is the perfect choice for you. At 82 dbA, it’s still a bit on the louder side, but compared to its fellow high-end counterparts, it’s still much less noisy.

You can blend incredible velvety blends using this blender regardless of the ingredients you’re adding. You can make almond butter or almond milk in it, smoothies, margaritas, and other grainy recipes. 


Although you can get cheaper blenders with almost the same performance levels as Vitamix blenders, most of them fail the test of time. How long can you use the same blender consistently without it developing any issues?

What‘s so great about the Vitamix blenders is that they pass the test of time and deliver the same results for years as though brand new. 

With a three to five, sometimes seven-year warranty, these blenders prove their durability and are well worth the price compared to a high-end blender that delivers the same level of performance, but doesn’t last very long. 

In the end, you’ll be spending more on the cheaper blenders as opposed to saving up and investing in the more durable Vitamix blenders.

Powerful Motors

Having a powerful motor is definitely a plus to any blender. More powerful motors mean smoother and more consistent blends. They are able to rotate the blades of any blender fast enough to crush all the pieces of ingredients into perfectly smooth blends. 

However, powerful motors don’t come cheap. Vitamix blenders have some of the most powerful motors at about 2.2 HP. This can add an incredible boost to the price of the blenders. 

This, however, is another reason why the Vitamix blenders are so expensive. Compared to the cheaper counterparts who have about 1 HP, Vitamix blenders are well worth the price.

Blade Quality

This is a huge factor when determining how well a blender is going to perform. It is also another huge reason why Vitamix blenders are so expensive. Vitamix blenders use high-end stainless steel blades which are incredibly durable. 

Stainless steel is more expensive than metal or plastic; hence, in order to give their customers the best experience, the Vitamix blenders use stainless steel. 

You might think that the sharper the blade is, the more efficient the blender would be. However, this is not always the case. If your blender has to be dependent on sharp blades all the time, then you would have to keep them sharp at all times, but in the long run, it would affect the efficiency of the blades and deliver lower quality results each time. 

Why Is Vitamix So Expensive?

The Vitamix blades are designed to be slightly dull. If they have to slice through your ingredients every time, they would deliver poorer results and you wouldn’t get that smooth mix you desire. 

The blades on the Vitamix blenders are designed to crush and pulverize your ingredients at high speeds. And with the strong stainless steel material, they do not wear out quickly over time. 

You can youse this blender for up seven or ten years without getting an obvious drop in performance.


As I stated earlier, Vitamix blenders are some of the most versatile blenders on the market. And versatility in the kitchen is highly important especially if you’re blending a vast range of recipes. 

Versatility doesn’t always affect pricing when it comes to blenders on the market because blenders often tend to have different functions that can be applied to different recipes. For instance, you can always blend at low speeds if you want to make mayonnaise or blend using the pulse button.

Why Is Vitamix So Expensive?

However, Vitamix blenders offer a wider range of uses. It can do the task of normal high-end blenders and also work heavy-duty tasks like grinding nuts and other hard substances. This is why Vitamix blenders are the preferred choice of blenders for restaurants. 

The more value you can get out of a single product, the more expensive it will tend to be. That is why Vitamix blenders are so expensive compared to their less expensive counterparts.


This is another major factor that affects the pricing of Vitamix products. The longer the warranty of a product, the more expensive it would be. This is because a warranty adds another layer of security to a product. 

Vitamix products have proven themselves over the years, which is why their warranty can be so long. 

The warranty may differ depending on the type of Vitamix product you’re getting. The Explorian series often come with a five-year warranty. The Legacy series is fixed at seven years warranty, while the Ascent series comes at an amazing ten-year warranty.


There are many more factors to consider when evaluating the pricing of Vitamix blenders. While these blenders are often on the pricy end, they are well worth the money you would be paying. The Vitamix 5200 is one of the best blenders the brand has to offer, but there are a lot of other options to choose from. You can check out an elaborate collection of Vitamix Blenders here, or buy from the Vitamix official website.

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