Why Does My Blender Smell Like It Is Burning?

Ever experienced that distinct burning rubber smell when your blender is running or right after it gets plugged in? This could be caused by a number of different factors. Keep reading to find out more.

Blenders giving off a burning smell is one of the most common issues reported by blender users all over the world. It is one experienced by every category of blender user; from professional chefs who make use of the most high-end blenders to the average homeowner with the under $50 blender.

While some blenders are more prone to developing this problem than others, all blenders at some point or the other would tend to develop this issue. In this article, we would be finding out all you need to know about the burning blender smell, and would answer the question “why does my blender smell like it is burning”?

What Does the Burning Smell Mean?

If you ever smell a burning smell in your blender or any other electrical appliance for that matter, it can only mean one thing; the appliance, or a part of it, is burning.

This burning can come from anywhere. It could be the wires connected to the outlet, some internal components, or even the blade assembly. Whatever part of the blender is being affected regardless, however, the effect remains the same, something is starting to melt or burn in your blender.

Why Does My Blender Smell Like It Is Burning
Blender Smell Burning

Causes of Burning Smell in Blenders (and How to Fix the Underlying Issue)

There are various reasons why your blender might develop a burning smell. Below are the major reasons why your blender may smell like it is burning:

1. Overheating Blender

Overheating is one of the most common causes of the burning smell in blenders. This happens when a blender is put through more than it can handle, is run for longer than it is supposed to, or has simply been pushed to its limits. When a blender begins to overheat, it is often accompanied by a burning smell, and in some cases, a bit of smoke.

High-performance blenders like the Vitamix have a reduced chance of this ever happening. With these blenders designed to handle the toughest blending operations, it takes a lot to push them to their limits.

Solution: To fix this, simply turn your blender off and give it some time to cool down before turning it back on. You should also try to reduce the quantity of ingredients in the blender and blend in smaller batches so as to reduce the amount of strain on the blender.

2. Burning Blender Cable or Power Outlet

Sometimes, the burning smell from your blender isn’t actually coming from the blender itself but from its electric cable or the power outlet itself. This can occur for a number of reasons; overloading the blender, plugging it into an overloaded outlet, a short-circuit, damaged wires, or improper electrical connection.

Solution: Figuring out if the source of your blender’s burning smell is a burning blender cable or power outlet is rather simple. In a situation where that is the cause of the burning smell, simply turn off the switch of the power outlet and unplug the blender. If the power outlet is what is burnt, simply plug your blender into a different, safe outlet and contact an electrician to fix the burn outlet. If the source of the smell is a burning cable, get your blender to a repair technician to replace the burnt cable.

3. Worn Out or Damaged Motor

The motor of any blender is what drives its blades and produces the beautiful shakes and smoothies you love so much. When the motor is worn out or damaged, the blender begins to have problems driving the blades and starts working inefficiently. This leads to the generation of more than usual amounts of heat when blending, and that in turn leads to a slight burning smell which would only keep increasing as time goes on.

Solution: If you notice your blender giving off a slight burning smell but still working, chances are the blender’s motor is getting damaged or wearing out. To prevent any further damage to your blender, you should get it fixed as soon as possible.

4. Electrical Issues within the Blender

Sometimes, your blender might develop internal electrical issues. Sometimes, this could be due to a fault or the other during the manufacturing process. Other times, it could be a result of age or deterioration due to overuse. Electrical issues like these (e.g. loose connections and faulty wiring) can cause resistance in the blenders, leading to the wires overheating and getting burnt. This in turn would produce a burning smell.

Solution: To fix the problem, get your blender to a repair technician.

5. Jammed Blades

Jammed blender blades can also make your blender smell like it is burning. When blender blades get jammed during a blending operation, the motor doesn’t actually stop working and keeps trying to move the stuck blades. This puts incredible stress on the motor and would lead to overheating which produces a burning smell.

Some blenders have been programmed to turn off automatically when this happens, but others are not, and such blenders would continue to produce that burning smell until you turn them off and get the blades unstuck. If your blade ever produces a burning smell while the blades seem to be struggling with the blender’s content, chances are this is the cause.

Solution: To fix this issue, simply turn off your blender and remove the blade assembly to clean the blender.

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6. Poor Maintenance

Proper maintenance doesn’t only help keep your blender clean and hygienic, it also removes food particles and debris that might have lodged themselves around the blender motor or blade assembly. Without proper cleaning and maintenance, these food particles and debris would build up and block the motor base and blade assembly leading to an obstruction of airflow, thereby making the blender overheat and produce a burning smell.

To fix this issue, all you need to do is clean your blender. Pay special attention to your blade assembly and the motor base to make sure you remove any build-up around those regions.

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7. Manufacturer Defect

Sometimes, the issue with your blender isn’t any of the above but simply human error from the manufacturer’s end. This is often the case when a blender you just bought smells like it is burning the very first time you use it. If this is ever the case, check with your manufacturer to see if your blender’s warranty covers the damage.

Solution: Most top blender brands like Vitamix offer extended warranties that cover such damages. So if this is ever an issue you face, all you need to do is get the blender back to the manufacturers and you’d get the fault fixed or even get the entire blender replaced for free.


Understanding the causes of a burning smell in your blender can help you take appropriate action to prevent further damage. By following the solutions provided, you can maintain your blender’s performance and ensure its safe operation in the long run. Always prioritize safety and consult professionals if you’re unsure about addressing any electrical or mechanical issues in your blender.