How To Clean Vitamix Blades

So you’ve finally decided to clean your Vitamix blender, but you have no idea how to clean Vitamix blades. 

The thought of using your hands on the blades can be quite daunting. There’s always the fear of cutting yourself on those sharp Vitamix blades or damaging them.

But What if I told you that you could clean your Vitamix blades simply and easily without any risk to your hands or the blades themselves? 

 In this article, I’ll show you how to clean your Vitamix blades easily and practices you should avoid. 

How You Can Clean Vitamix Blades

Vitamix blades are some of the most quality blades of their counterparts. The blades are made of hardened, laser-cut, stainless steel blades and are designed so that the edges are slightly blunt for better blending efficiency. 

This way, it can crush ingredients to give a smooth blend rather than just slicing through them and leaving chunks of ingredients in the mix.

So how do you clean a blade like this?

How To Clean Vitamix Blades
How To Clean Vitamix Blades

The best way to clean your Vitamix blades would be to disassemble them and separate them from the jar. However, you can only detach the Vitamix blades of only a few Vitamix container models. These containers include; the 40 oz container, the 20 oz blending cup, and the 8 oz bowl. 

You can easily clean the blades of these models by using a sponge or a dishwasher scrub. However, to clean the blades off models where you cannot detach the blade, all you need is a few simple steps;

  1. Once you are done using the Vitamix blender, ensure you rinse off all the leftover ingredients that might have gotten stuck in them with warm water. Don’t worry if you can’t get all the stains off at once. This is just the first step to making the next step easier.
  2. Add a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap into the container and fill it halfway or two-thirds of the way with warm water. 
  3. Use a sponge to scrub off the sides of the container to remove any food residues that may get stuck in the blades.
  4. Pour out the jar’s content and ensure you rinse the container properly.
  5. Wash the blade and gasket seal using a sponge with warm soapy water. If you have a dishwasher scrub with a handle, you can use this to wash your Vitamix blades to avoid all risks of cutting yourself. Ensure the scrubber isn’t metal because it can damage your glass or plastic container. 
  6. Once you’re done, you can towel dry your blade with the seal and container. 

Vitamix Mistakes You Should Avoid

Here are a few Vitamix mistakes many new owners make that you should avoid, especially if you’re using the blender for the first time.

Don’t ignore the ratio

When using your Vitamix blender, remember the importance of adding the appropriate ratio of food to liquid. 

Sometimes adding an improper ratio makes the machine not function properly, and new owners think their machine is defective. However, this could be caused by improper food and liquid ratio. The ratio should be more even with half liquid and half solid.

Incorrect loading order

This is another mistake commonly found with new Vitamix blender owners. Just because the blender has a powerful motor doesn’t mean you can just cram everything into the machine. 

There is a correct loading order that you should follow to avoid getting your Vitamix blender blades damaged.

The correct order should be liquids first, then soft items next, before placing the hard items on top. 

Blending in low speeds

Many new Vitamix owners often fear the speed of their Vitamix blender and then decide to blend at low speeds. This is more hazardous for your blender than blending at high speeds. 

This is because when you blend at low speeds, the motor needs to run longer and use more effort, making the motor overheat. However, blending at high speeds causes the ventilation system to function better, cooling down the motor while blending your mix better and faster. You can start with low speeds but quickly work your way up to higher ones.

Vitamix Blender Tips for Maintenance

Now you know how to clean your Vitamix blade and what you ought to avoid when you start using the blender, but how do you optimize the use of your blender to get the most out of it? 

Here are a few tips to help you best maintain your Vitamix blender:

  1. Your lid plug is also a mini measuring cup with both half-ounce and one-ounce measurements. It’s a great plus if you’re making a cocktail recipe or just want to add a little bit of extra water to your smoothie blend.
  2. Use the tamper when blending thick items like nut butter or frozen yogurt. It is an accessory with the Vitamix blender to help you press down all the ingredients into the blades. The tamper helps prevent air pockets from forming around the blades and keeps things moving again. But don’t worry, the tamper wouldn’t get into the blades because it was designed so that it doesn’t reach the blades. However, this only applies when the lid is still on the blender. 
  3. Use an underblade scraper. It is an excellent accessory with a blender that helps prevent ingredients from getting stuck to the walls of your Vitamix container and under the blades. It’s an amazing tool that makes washing the blades and container of your blender easier. It also makes it easy to save ingredients as you use it to scrape out any ingredient stuck under the Vitamix blender blades or walls of the blender container.
  4. Use the Vitamix cleaning cycle to wash your blender before hand washing it yourself. This helps get most of the dirt out and makes cleaning easier for you. 

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Cleaning your Vitamix blades is quite easy, but if you cannot separate them, make sure you do not try to disassemble them. If you disassemble your blender, your warranty will become void. If you have any problems with the Vitamix container, contact a Vitamix service provider.

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