Are Ninja Blenders Dishwasher Safe

If you just got yourself a Ninja blender, then you’re probably wondering the same thing as many other consumers- are Ninja blenders dishwasher safe? Should you wash it by hand instead, and if so, how do you go about that?

The short answer to your first question is yes! Ninja blenders are dishwasher friendly, but you can also wash them by hand. However, it must be done properly and with care. 

Let’s look at how best you can clean your Ninja blenders and what you should avoid.

How to Cleaning Ninja Blenders

Being one of the most desired kitchen appliances due to its powerful motor and variety of functions, it is understandable that you, as a consumer, would want to take the most cautious approach to care for your blender. Here is how to clean your blender using a dishwasher or by hand

Cleaning With A Dishwasher

Whether you’re using a Ninja-Nutri blender or a Ninja-Nutri blender pro, you can rest assured that they are dishwasher safe. The process is as easy as blending a simple fruit juice with a blender. 

Ninja ensures that all removable parts, such as the cups, lids, and blades, are dishwasher-safe. Ensure that the blade assemblies are removed from the cups before they are placed upside down inside your dishwasher.

Ensure that all three main components – the blades, lids, and cup – are separated and placed into the dishwasher separately. 

Are Ninja Blenders Dishwasher Safe

Make sure you don’t wash the motor unit of the blender in your dishwasher. It is an electrical component and would only get damaged if it came in contact with liquid. 

You can clean the motor base of your Ninja blender with a damp cloth. Just grab a rag, napkin, or dry sponge, add a bit of water to get it moist, and use it to wipe off the surface of the motor base. 

If there are tough stains, add a bit of soap to the damp cloth and use it to rub the surface. Or use the abrasive part of your sponge to scrub off the stubborn stain carefully. Once you’re done, clean it with a dry napkin before repositioning it on your counter. Or you could place it by your window to let it air dry. That shouldn’t take longer than 5 to 10 minutes.

Cleaning by Hand

Cleaning your Ninja-Nutri blender by hand is as easy as cleaning with a dishwasher. First, you have to separate the main components of the blender, as with the dishwasher process. 

Using warm soapy water, you can wash the components separately. When washing the blades, ensure you exercise care when handling the blade assembly because the blades are sharp. 

The best way would be to use a dishwasher utensil with a handle to scrub the blades. You can wash the lids and cups with a sponge. 

Ensure you rinse them thoroughly and allow them o air dry. 

Self Cleaning 

One of the great things about the Ninja-Nutri blenders is their self-cleaning ability. They are usually produced with up to 1000 watts, making self-cleaning easy and efficient. It can lean itself in about a single minute. 

So how do you use the self-cleaning mode on the Ninja blender? 

First, fill up the Ninja blender container with water. It’s important to be mindful of the quantity of water, though. You don’t want to fill it up to the brim. Fill it up, but leave about a quarter of the container space empty.

Make sure the water isn’t too warm. You can use cold water; the friction caused by the rotation of the blades would increase the heat and warm up the water. If you’ve ever used a Ninja blender before, you must have noticed that whatever you’re blending gets warmer after blending for a while. This is due to the friction created by the spinning blades.

After adding your water to the brim, add a few drops of dishwashing soap. If you add too much soap, you might regret it later because once you start the self-cleaning process, it’ll get too foamy. 

Once you’ve added your soap, cover it up with the lid and press the pulse button. Let it run for a few minutes, then turn it off. Pour out the water and rinse off all the soap. You can let it self-clean a few more times if there are stubborn stains before rinsing it off with your faucet.

Once you’re done, clean it off with a dry towel or let it air dry. This is important to avoid the formation of loud film, especially on the cups and jars.


Ninja dishwashers can be hand washed or washed in a dishwasher. However, take caution when washing so you don’t have any accidents with your hands or your Ninja blender. 

However, this is a general overview of Ninja blenders. The process might differ depending on the model, so check the instruction manual before washing your Ninja blender.

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