5 Ways to Make Your Vitamix Last Longer

If you’ve ever used a Vitamix blender, then you must have experienced their remarkable endurance and understand how they seemingly defy the limitations of traditional lifespan expectations.

These kitchen juggernauts command attention with their unmatched power and performance. However, to ensure you enjoy premium performance for longer periods, it’s important to use effective preservation techniques. In this article, we delve into the common challenges faced by Vitamix owners and unveil expert strategies to extend the lifespan of your Vitamix blender, ensuring that they serve you for years to come.

Main Causes of Damage to Vitamix Blenders

As mighty as the Vitamix blender may seem, there are a few things that can cause them damage. Here are some you might want to take note of.

1. Broken Motor

When your Vitamix blender refuses to work,  a blown motor might be the malefactor. Overloading the blender or subjecting it to excessive heat can lead to this distressing situation, often accompanied by a pungent burning odor.

To address the issue, allow the blender to cool down for about an hour before attempting to restart it. If the Vitamix remains unresponsive, you can request a replacement under warranty.

2. Deteriorated Container

With regular use, the container seal of your Vitamix blender is bound to experience wear and tear. This becomes particularly problematic when blending ingredients, as a worn-out seal can result in unsightly leaks and messy aftermath.

While blending soups and juices might not pose seal-related issues, using your blender for hard ingredients will inevitably lead to seal deterioration over time.

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3. Broken Drive Socket

The drive socket of your Vitamix blender acts as the link between the motor and the blade assembly within the container. With teeth that couple with the blade assembly, the drive socket propels the blades into motion as it spins.

However, this constant high-speed rotation inevitably leads to wear and tear, resulting in the gradual erosion of the socket’s teeth over time. Luckily, these parts can be easily replaced.

5 Ways You Can Make Your Vitamix Blender Last Longer

That being said, now you know the potential damages to expect when you purchase a Vitamix blender. However, there are ways you can avoid these damages and ultimately make your blender last longer. Here are a few tips that can help.

1. Bend on High Speeds

Because of the sheer power that these Vitamix blenders possess, you may think blending at low speeds is the best way to save them from wearing out quickly. However, when it comes to Vitamix blenders, they are actually designed to perform at their best when operating at the highest speed. While it’s okay to use your Vitamix blender at lower speeds occasionally, consistently using it at maximum speed can actually help extend its lifespan.

Contrary to what you might expect, running a Vitamix at a lower speed can actually be more draining for the machine. The thermal override feature of the blender, which helps prevent overheating, only kicks in when the blender is set to speed 10. This means that if you operate it at a lower speed, the blender won’t be able to cool itself effectively.

By using your Vitamix blender at top speed, you ensure that it functions optimally and stays within its intended operating parameters. This can help prevent unnecessary strain on the motor and other components, ultimately prolonging the life of your blender.

So, don’t be afraid to unleash the power of your Vitamix and let it reach its full potential by bending at high speeds.

2. Run Clean Cycles Frequently

Adding a few drops of soap, and warm water, and running it for just 30 seconds on high speed can keep your Vitamix blender in great shape. It may be tempting to leave the container in the sink for later or give it a quick rinse and rush out the door, but forming the habit of running a cleaning cycle after every blend is important for the longevity of your blender.

This is important because, firstly, it keeps your container clean, ensuring that residue doesn’t accumulate on the blades, which can lead to container leaks. Additionally, running a cleaning cycle is a food safety best practice, maintaining hygiene and preventing any potential cross-contamination.

While your Vitamix container may be dishwasher safe, unless you plan to run the dishwasher immediately, it’s better to opt for a traditional cleaning cycle. This ensures a thorough cleaning and eliminates any lingering odors or residues.

For stubborn, cloudy residue buildup, an occasional vinegar soak can be helpful. So, make it a habit to run clean cycles frequently and give your Vitamix blender the care it deserves, ensuring its long-lasting performance and reliability.

3. Do Not Leave Leftovers in Container

Leaving the remnants of your blend within the confines of the blender container, destined to be stored away in the refrigerator can seem like a very reasonable thing to do. However, doing this can unfurl a series of adverse consequences for your Vitamix blender. To ensure the longevity of your blender, it is very important to remove any food remaining in the container before storing it away.

Allowing leftovers to stay within the container cause stains on its surfaces and inflict damage to the blades over time. Furthermore, storing it in a refrigerator can cause further harm. The frigid atmosphere can cause the blades of the blender to become stiff and dull.

4. Arrange Ingredients Properly

As with every other blender, to optimize the performance of your Vitamix blender, it is imperative that you follow a specific ingredient arrangement. The general rule entails placing softer, more yielding ingredients at the bottom, followed by progressively harder components. For instance:

  1. Liquids
  2. Fresh fruits like bananas and oranges.
  3. Harder fruits like apples and pears
  4. Veggies
  5. Ice and Frozen fruits
  6. Seeds, grains, and nuts

By adhering to this layering technique, the blade of the blender is provided with a substantial foothold through the liquid and soft fleshy fruits at the base. This facilitates the seamless integration of harder ingredients, which are both pulled in by the blade and pushed down by gravity.

The outcome is an efficient blend devoid of any ingredient idling away, ensuring optimal utilization of the blender’s capabilities.

5. Use the Tamper

One of the most valuable accessories that often accompanies Vitamix blenders is the tamper, an indispensable tool that aids in pushing ingredients down while the blender is in action. Not only does the tamper serve this purpose, but it also helps prevent food from accumulating along the edges of the container.

When dealing with frozen ingredients or creating nut butter, it is essential to always remember to use the tamper. Thick ingredients do not always flow effortlessly with the blades and can become lodged, leading to friction and the formation of air pockets. This, in turn, causes the blades to overheat and gradually wear down blender components over time.

The tamper is designed to guide ingredients toward the blades, ensuring a smooth blending process. Its length guarantees that it will never come into direct contact with the blades, allowing you to exert the necessary pressure without any risk. It effortlessly tackles even the toughest ingredients, enabling you to push as heavily as needed.

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Note that you should exclusively use a tamper designed for your Vitamix blender. Avoid using tamper tools from other blenders or makeshift options like wooden spoons. The Vitamix tamper has been meticulously measured to fit the blender container perfectly, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for your blender.


Implementing a few simple practices can significantly extend the lifespan of your Vitamix blender. Running clean cycles frequently, avoiding the habit of leaving leftovers in the container, properly arranging ingredients, utilizing the tamper when necessary, and adhering to recommended blending speeds also contribute to the longevity of your Vitamix. With these mindful habits and care, your Vitamix blender will continue to serve you faithfully for years to come.

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