How to Make a Delicious Smoothie with Frozen Fruit and Water

When the sun rises and the temperature becomes warmer, there is no better way to conquer the heat than with a chilled and frosty smoothie. Smoothies will refresh and hydrate you, cooling your body. They also provide your body with the necessary nutrients while offering you a delicious way to stay refreshed throughout the day or in scorching weather.

Making your smoothies with frozen fruit allows you the opportunity to enjoy any fruit of your choice regardless of the season. Adding water to the frozen sweetness keeps your smoothie light and hydrating, this makes it a perfect choice in summer. Furthermore, frozen fruit with water is a cost-effective way of boosting your intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

With a good blender, you can transform your frozen fruits into a slushy deliciousness and with the addition of water, it becomes more creamy and you can enjoy a tasty, hydrating and frosty smoothie.

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The Main Ingredients for Smoothie

Your frozen fruit is the most important thing for the smoothie you wish to make, they contain natural sweetness, the vibrancy of colours and varieties of nutrients frozen time until the time you wish to enjoy them. Fruits such as mango, pineapples, apples, berries and frozen banana slices can provide a great base for your smoothie.

While your frozen fruits are the base ingredients for the smoothie, water is the ingredient that helps blend the ingredients giving you a bit of light and consistent mixture. The addition of water also helps to make the smoothie more creamy and hydrating. You have the option of adding water based on your desired texture.

How to Make a Perfect Smoothie with Frozen Fruit and Water
Smoothie with Frozen Fruit

There are other ingredients you can add to your smoothie to spike the taste, you can add milk to get a richer texture and vegetables like spinach or kale to give you a well-rounded beverage. Adding flavour enhances like cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla extract, a squeeze of lemon or lime can add brightness or tanginess to the taste of your smoothie. You can also include ingredients like nuts or seeds to boost the nutritional value of your smoothie and make yourself a satisfying drink.

How You Should Go About it

1. Choose your Frozen Fruit

Having woken to an interesting day and wanting to make yourself a smoothie to kickstart the day, you have to pick the ingredients for your fruit smoothie. Choosing high-quality fruits is one step to having a great smoothie. Fruits high in flavour and nutrients, when frozen are perfect for your smoothies and these qualities can be found in fruits like berries, mango, peaches and bananas. But you have to make sure that your frozen fruit has not been additionally preserved or had sugar added to it, you have to make sure that the fruits you choose are those with natural sweetness so that you can enjoy the best of your smoothie

2. Allow Fruit to partially Thaw

Before diving into the blending process, give your frozen fruit a few minutes to partially thaw. This step helps prevent strain on your blender and also ensures that you have a smoother blending experience but if you have a powerful blender like the Vitamix blender then you do not have to worry about thawing before blending.

If however you do not have a powerful blender like the Vitamix but you still want to enjoy a wonderful smoothie from your blender then you may have to let your frozen fruit thaw a bit but not too much that it lose its frosty quality. Also allowing it thaw slightly would allow it have a creamier texture and also increase the water consistency

3. Add Water Gradually

Water serves as a perfect base, milk might provide a more creamy and frothy feel but water is the ingredient that facilitates the blending process. The addition of water ensures that your ingredients are perfectly blended and distributed throughout the smoothie.

thick smoothie
Thickness Smoothie

Water also helps bring a balance to the thickness of our smoothie, it is also crucial in hydrating your body, it increases the fluid content of the smoothie, this is a refreshing choice especially during the hot summer days. 

You should know that adding water also allows the natural aste of your other ingredients to shine, this is because water has no taste of its own so it will not overpower the flavour of the fruits you put in it. So if you want to have a smoother blending experience, bring out the inherent taste of your ingredients and make a hydrating drink then you should add water to your frozen fruit as you make your smoothie

4. Blend in Stages

To get the best of your frozen fruit smoothie, you should blend systematically, you can put in a bit of water first before you add your frozen fruit or you can put the fruit first but you should add water before you start to blend, blend gradually, adding water in small quantity as you add your frozen fruits. Remember that the water should be in small quantities so as not to make the smoothie a watery mixture.

I say again if you have powerful or large pitcher-sized blenders where you can just have your blending in one go, then you may just put in all of your ingredients and fire away until you get your desired texture.

While you are blending take note of the thickness of the smoothie, if your smoothie is too thick add more water and if it is too light add more fruit or some other ingredient like milk to thicken it.

Ingredients for Smoothie
Ingredients for Smoothie

5. Add flavours

While you may make use of water as the base of your smoothie, and also to enhance the blending process, you can also explore more smoothie flavours with secondary ingredients like seeds or nuts, you can add lemon or lime to bring out a tangy flavour or add greens like spinach and kale. Coconut milk, maple syrup or honey is sure to bring out the richness of your smoothie and give you a blend of greatness.

Below is a recipe for a smoothie with frozen fruits and water you can try:

Triple Berry Smoothie


  • 1 cup of water (240 ml)
  • 1 cup of almond yogurt (240 ml)
  • 1 cup of red grapes (150 g)
  • 1 cup of frozen strawberries (150 g)
  • 1 cup of frozen blueberries (150 g)
  • 1 cup of frozen raspberries (150 g)


  1. Put all your ingredients into your blender and add a small quantity of water
  2. Secure the lid and start the blender
  3. Increase the speed gradually from the lowest to the highest
  4. Blend until your desired consistency is reached.

Note: if your smoothie is too thick, add water to even it out, you can also use the tamper to press down on your ingredients as you blend.


1. Can I use any type of Frozen Fruit for my Smoothie?

All frozen fruits can be used in making your smoothie. Plus you can experiment with the different kinds of fruits available to you to get your favourite flavour.

2. Can I put Ice in my Frozen Fruit Smoothie?

Yes, you are free to make use of ice, adding ice to your frozen fruit smoothie helps make the mixture creamy, more refreshing and enjoyable. But if the ice starts to melt, it will make your smoothie a bit watery.

3. Why is my Smoothie Watery?

If your smoothie is watery, this is because you have added too much liquid especially water or your frozen fruit is not enough. You have to balance it by blending in stages, and adding water gradually until you achieve the thickness and creaminess you desire.


The key to enjoying your smoothie of frozen fruit with water is by finding the right balance of ingredients and systemic blending, adjusting the combinations to suit your taste buds. Let your creativity soar as you bend your frozen fruits adding water to give you a creamy and hydrating sweetness.

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