Full Guide: How to Blend Frozen Fruits

So many recipes require the use of frozen ingredients like fruits and vegetables. If you are ever going to make these recipes and make them right, then it is important that you know how to blend frozen fruits and veggies. Not sure how to? You’ve come to the right place! 

In this article, you would learn how to blend frozen fruits with your blender, and some tips on how to get a more consistent blend. We would also be providing you with a blender recommendation, just in case you are wondering what blender would be best suited for the task.

But before we get to discussing how to best blend frozen fruits, it is essential to first answer the question of when would you need to blend frozen fruits.

When Would You Ever Need to Blend Frozen Foods?

You might need to blend frozen fruits and other foods for a number of reasons. The most common of these reasons is when the recipe specifically requires it. This is the case with some smoothies, slushies,  and shakes, which require the use of frozen fruits for the best experience. When making such recipes, you’d need to blend the fruits in their frozen state. Not having enough time to wait for your frozen food to defrost completely before preparing it is another reason you might want to blend it while frozen.

Now with that said, let’s get to it!

How to Blend Frozen Fruits

Blending frozen fruits and other food items is a relatively easy process when you have the right tools. There are basically two major tools used for blending frozen fruits; food processors and blenders. 

How to Blend Frozen Fruits With a Food Processor

When using a food processor to blend your fruits, it’s recommended that you give your frozen fruits a few minutes to thaw a little bit before putting them in the food processor. Leaving the items to thaw a bit helps make the blending easier and ensures that your food processor doesn’t go through too much stress when blending. It is important to remember that you don’t want them to melt too much before blending, however, because this will affect the consistency of the blend if the recipe you are working with needs frozen ingredients. 

If you’re making a shake, you might want to add a bit of water to the mix, but if you’re preparing a recipe that requires more consistency, such as ice cream, then you should limit the amount of water you add to the food processor. 

Before adding your frozen food to the processor, ensure that they are already in small pieces. This would help your food processor have an easier time blending the ingredients. Once all of this is done, add the chunks to the food processor and let it work its magic! 

Would You Ever Need to Blend Frozen Foods

When blending, make sure to bare in mind the consistency required for your recipe. When a thick consistency is required, you wouldn’t want your frozen fruits in the food processor for too long as this will begin to thaw the ingredients, something to avoid when making recipes like ice cream.

How to Blend Frozen Fruits With a Blender

If you do not have a food processor, a blender is another great tool you can use for blending frozen fruits. Moreover, blending frozen fruits with a blender is a lot similar to using a food processor, though you’d need to be extra careful.

When blending frozen fruits with a blender, you’d want to make use of a blender with a powerful motor and high wattage. Using a low-watt blender wouldn’t get the job done and could even damage the blender. 

When using a blender that doesn’t have a very powerful motor, we advise that you allow the frozen fruits to sit out for a while and thaw for longer. This makes blending it a lot easier, though it might affect the consistency of the blend. 

Just like with the food processor, let your frozen ingredients defrost for a bit before adding them to the blender. Next, break them into small chunks before placing them in the blender.

Once your frozen fruits are added to the blender, turn it on and start blending with short bursts. Make sure to blend at the highest speed or use the Pulse Feature on your blender. Don’t blend for minutes at a stretch because doing this would put too much strain on your blender. Once your mix has softened a bit, then you can allow your blender to run for longer periods before turning it off. 

Things To Avoid When Blending Frozen Fruits With a Blender

Now that we know how to blend frozen fruits and some of the popular methods used, let’s talk about some of the mistakes you should avoid when blending frozen fruits. 

  1. Avoid leaving your blender running for long periods. We recommend blending in short bursts of less than 60 seconds. This would prevent your blender from being put under too much stress and getting damaged.
  2. Avoid putting too many ingredients into the blender at once. This would put too much stress on the blender’s blades and motors and eventually damage them. Instead, place a moderate amount into the blender and then add some more later. If you have a lot of ingredients to blend, you can blend in batches. 
  3. Do not place the harder ingredients first. Let the softer ingredients be at the bottom, close to the blades, and the harder, more frozen ingredients stay at the top. This puts less strain on the blades of your blender.
  4. Add some water. This is always important when blending items in a blender.
  5. Make use of a tamper if your blender has one. This will help ensure that all your frozen fruits are crushed instead of just dancing about at the top of the blades. 
  6. You might also want to ease into blending at high speeds. Start from low speed and then ease up to higher speeds as things get easier. 

Blender Recommendation

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