Can You Put Ice in Magic Bullet Blender?

When it comes to the blender industry, Magic Bullet has to be one of the most recognized names. Small but powerful, the Magic Bullet is the perfect countertop blender for making your creamy milkshakes, pico, and all your concoctions in no time. Being such a small blender, however, many intended buyers tend to ask the question: can the Magic Bullet crush ice? This article will provide you with all the answers you need. 

Can the Magic Bullet Blender Crush Ice?

The Magic Bullet blender is not an ideal bullet for crushing ice. This is because Magic Bullet blenders have a peak wattage of 250 watts while it takes at least 500 – 600 watts to crush ice with a blender. While the blender might not be ideal for crushing ice, however, you can still crush ice with it provided you follow a few steps. 

How to Crush Ice with Magic Bullet Blender

Since the Magic Bullet blender isn’t ideal for crushing ice, a bit of preparation is required to get the job done. Below are four steps to follow to crush ice with Magic Bullet Blender:

Step 1: Break the Ice

This is the first and most important step when crushing ice with a Magic Bullet blender. Because the Magic Bullet blender’s peak watt isn’t enough to actually crush ice, dumping a large chunk of ice into the blender would only damage the blender. To prevent that, you need to first break the ice into smaller pieces. This way, it would be easier to crush. 

Step 2: Add Your Ice

Once you have broken the ice into smaller bits, add them to your blender container. This should be done as soon as possible so that the ice doesn’t start to melt. Melting ice doesn’t crush well. Make sure not to fill the blender past the required mark so the blender can work properly.

Can the Magic Bullet Blender Crush Ice
Magic Bullet Blender

Step 3: Blend

After adding in your ice, it’s time to start blending. You can’t just blend at any speed if you want to crush ice with the Magic Bullet blender though. The blender needs to blend at the highest speed, otherwise, not only will you not crush the ice, you will also damage the blades of your blender. 

To crush ice with the Magic Bullet blender, it is better to blend in short powerful bursts. The Pulse feature on your blender is the best for this. Keep blending until the ice is fully crushed to your satisfaction. You can also add a bit of water to help ease the blending process, just make sure not to add too much.

Step 4: Use Right Away

Now that you have gotten the crushed ice you desire make sure you use it immediately. Crushed ice melts much faster and turns to slush if you don’t use it immediately. If you don’t wish to use it immediately, in that case, you can put it in a sealed container or plastic bag and store it in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it. 

What kind of Magic Bullet Blender is Good for Crushing Ice?

As stated earlier, Magic Bullet blenders are not designed to crush ice, and while they can still be used, they are not so ideal. A more ideal choice is the Nutribullet Personal Blender which has a peak power of 600 W. 

If you want to stick to your Magic Bullet blender but would like an easier way to crush ice, there are special blades designed for crushing ice that can be used for Magic Bullet blenders All you have to do is install the blades and you’d have an easier time crushing ice with your Magic Bullet.

 Why isn’t Magic Bullet Blender Crushing Ice?

There are a few reasons your Magic Bullet blender might not be crushing ice. Here are some of the most common causes:

1. Too much load

If you fill your blender to the brim with ice, even if the ice is broken, your blender might not work. It’s better to add your ice in smaller quantities to avoid overtasking your blender blades. 

2. Blades may be jammed

Every time you use your magic blender, little bits of food particles get stuck within the blades. This builds up over time and ends up jamming the blades. 

3. There is too little liquid

Another reason your blender might not work when blending ice is that you put too little liquid. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of water to your ice. Don’t worry; it wouldn’t make it melt any faster. Instead, it helps your blades crush the ice more easily. 

4. Your blades are dull

If your blades are dull, they wouldn’t be able to crush any ice. Overused blades become weak and pitted over time and cannot crush your ice. Consider replacing the blades and using ice crushers instead of your regular blades. 

5. Gears may be broken

If your blades are not rotating properly, then there’s a chance the base gears are broken. You might want to consider getting a technician to help you with that.

6. Motors are overheated

Using the Magic Bullet blender for a long time at a stretch can harm the motor unit of the blender. Your blender should not be on longer than one minute at a stretch. The internal thermal breaker kicks in when the motor starts overheating and automatically turns off the unit. In that case, it’s best to let the blender cool down for a few minutes before trying it again.

7. Blender is not plugged in

Believe it or not, this happens to a lot of blender owners. One of the likely reasons why your blender wouldn’t work is that you forgot to plug it into an outlet. Magic Bullet blenders have powerful motors of about 120 V/ 60 Hz/ 250 Watts. So ensure that your blender is plugged in before blending your ice.


Magic Bullet blenders may not be ideal for crushing ice, but if you had no choice, they can still get the job done for you. If you would be crushing ice with your magic bullet blender, remember to first break the ice into really small pieces, or else the blender might not be able to crush it. You should also blend at the highest speed for the best results.If you prefer a better choice of blender for crushing ice, the Nutribullet Personal Blender is a great choice for you.

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