What is a Blender Tamper And How Does Blender Tamper Work?

If you have ever bought a brand-new blender like the Vitamix 5200, you probably noticed a long, stick-like accessory in the box. This stick-like accessory is called a tamper or tamp and is one of the most useful instruments one could ever use when blending. But what exactly is a blender tamper used for and how do you use it? This article will answer all this and more. 

What is a Blender Tamper?

The blender tamper is a long, stick-like material often made of plastic that comes with many blenders or can be bought independently. The tamper is designed to help blenders more effectively process ingredients by helping ingredients stuck at the top or sides of the blender make contact with the blender blades. This is especially useful when blending thick mixtures like slushies, ice cream, or frozen fruits. Tampers also help you disrupt the flow of the ingredients you’re blending, ensuring every ingredient makes contact with the blades, leaving you with great consistency on every blend.

Although not all blenders come with this accessory; however it can be purchased separately. 

Do bear in mind, though, that although you can purchase the tamper separately, it must be the right size suited for your blender so the length fits the blender and doesn’t reach the blades.

How Does a Blender Tamper Work?

The tamper is a pushing and stirring instrument. It mostly works by pressing the ingredients into the blade, making sure ingredients stuck on top of the blender can also meet the blender blades, but it is also used to stir ingredients for better consistency.

You can also use the temper to remove any ingredients stuck on the side of the blender jar and push them back into the blades without even turning off the blender. 

Blenders that come with tampers often come with specialized lid designs like Vitamix’s two-part lid design that helps hold the tamper in place, preventing it from coming in contact with the blender blades. This allows you to push ingredients into the blender with the tamper as far as possible without the fear of damaging the tamper, the blades or the blender in the process.

How to Use a Blender Tamper

Using the tamper is quite easy if you understand how it works. Once your ingredients are loaded up, place your lid over the jar and insert the tamper into the small opening in the lid. Then press down on the ingredients and turn on your blender.

As the blades roll, keep pushing down on the ingredients as though you’re mashing them up. The tamper will push all the ingredients into the blades giving you a nice and smooth consistency. 

Blender Tamper works

When using a tamper, it’s advisable to use it on a slimmer jug because the tamper has a very limited reach. In a wider hug, the ingredients get pushed around and wouldn’t give the tamper a chance to do its job properly. 

Do All Blenders Come With a Tamper?

Not all blenders come with a tamper, so if you just recently bought a blender but didn’t find this useful accessory in your box, it is possible your blender just doesn’t come with one in the box. 

If this is the case with you, you can try to purchase one separately. Of course, when doing this, you will want to make sure you get one that fits your blender’s design i.e a tamp that wouldn’t come in contact with your blender blades when in use. You can also get a universal tamper which can be used on a variety of different types of blenders. Tampers like this might, however not fit your blender perfectly, but will still serve you better than if you had no tamper.

Can You Use Other Materials Instead of a Tamper?

Yes, you can use other materials instead of a tamper. Things like a ladle or stirring stick can be used to stir and press ingredients into a blender. You will want to be careful when using these though since they lack the design support of tampers that actually come in the box, When using items like this, make sure to be extra careful so as not to come in contact with the blender blades.

Blender Recommendation

As far as tampers are concerned, nothing beats one that comes in a box. Since not all blenders come with you, if you are looking to get a new blender, you might want to consider getting one that comes with a tamper in the box or at least offers a tamper as an extra accessory. The Vitamix 5200 is our top pick here. Featuring Vitamix’s popular two-part lid that lets you use your tamper while the blender is working, without opening the blender lid, this blender makes using a tamper so easy and convenient.

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