Blender Review: Vitamix 5200 Blender

Vitamix blender 5200 reviews

It is impossible to talk about the best blenders on the market without mentioning the Vitamix brand. For over three decades now, this company has produced some of the best blenders to ever grace the market. The Vitamix 5200 is one of these premium-quality blenders and has been a public favorite for almost two decades … Read more

Does Blending Destroy Nutrients?

Blending destroys nutrients. You’ve probably met someone who makes claims like these. Maybe you’re even that someone, always making sure to remind friends and family about this “fact” every time you see them partaking in a cup of fruit juice instead of enjoying the fruit raw and unprocessed. But how true is this claim and … Read more

What Blender Does Jamba Juice Use?

What Blender Does Jamba Juice Use

One of the big names in the smoothie and fruit juice business in the US, Jumba juice is a popular chain of smoothie and juice bars known for its tasty and nutrient-rich fruit and veggie beverages. The brand has been in the business for nearly 30 years and has been hugely successful. One of the … Read more

Blender Bottle Size Guide: Pick the Perfect Fit!

What Size of Blender Bottle You Should Get

Blender bottles are one of the most important accessories anyone who owns a personal blender must have. In fact, you don’t need to own a personal blender before you need to own a blender bottle. If you make shakes and smoothies regularly for your fitness needs, then you need a blender bottle. But blender bottles … Read more

How to Puree Baby Food Without a Blender

How to Puree Baby Food Without a Blender

Blenders are a must-have for families with babies. From making baby foods to making to preparing the much-needed blends for the nursing mother, there is no shortage of uses for these home appliances. But what happens if this much-needed kitchen appliance is faulty or unavailable? How do you puree baby food without a blender? This … Read more