Why Is My NutriBullet Not Working | 5 Key Reasons Why

When it comes to making smoothies and shakes, NutriBullet is one of the biggest brands in the industry. Own one of these blenders, and you can rest assured that what you’ve got in your kitchen is nothing but quality stuff. From the build to the functionality of these blenders, there is almost nothing to be displeased about with these blenders. With such a premium quality blender, asking the question “why is my NutriBullet not working” isn’t something you would be doing very often.

Seeing as there are no perfect machines and you might need to troubleshoot your NutriBullet sometime in the future, however, below are a few reasons your NutriBullet might not be working.

Reasons why your NutriBullet isn’t working

Before we get into the possible reasons your NutriBullet isn’t working, it is important to note that the fact that your blender isn’t working doesn’t necessarily mean the blender has developed a fault. Sometimes, it just means you are doing something wrong. With that said, here are the top 5 reasons why your NutriBullet might not be working.

Overloading NutriBullet Cup

Every NutriBullet blender cup has a draw line indicating the maximum limit of ingredients it can take. In fact, every blender has this gauge which serves as a guide that helps users know the limit to which the blender can be filled with ingredients. Making sure you never exceed this limit and overload your blender is one of the top 10 tips to maintain your blender. Not only would overloading your blender stop it from working, but it could also damage the blender if you try to force it to work regardless.

So if your NutriBullet blender is not working, you might want to check to see if the blender is overloaded. If so, try reducing the content of the blender. Ideally, your blender should never be filled past 3/4 of the jar or cup in the case of most NutriBullet blenders. If you have a lot of ingredients to blend, try blending in batches instead of stuffing the content on the blender all at once.

Nutrubullet Not Pushing down

This is actually a common issue with NutriBullet blenders. Normally, when you load the cup with ingredients, you cover the lid and line it up with the blender’s base, all you need to do is apply some downward pressure, and it should be ready to blend. Sometimes though, this isn’t the case, and after placing the cup on your motor base, it refuses to key in place. This is one reason why your NutriBullet might not be working. There is actually a simple fix to this.

There are three activator tabs on the motor base of your NutriBullet blender. These are what keep the blender in place when blending. When your NutriBullet cup does key in place, chances are, these activator tabs are stuck. This could be caused by sticky substances having been built up over time. 

Ninja Blender

To fix this, separate the base from the cup and clean it thoroughly with a damp cloth. Make sure the blender is unplugged from an outlet before you get started. 

Next, locate the three activation tabs and add a bit of lubricant to them. The WD-40 works great here. Once this is done, try pressing down on each of the activator tabs to make sure they are moving properly. Place the cup on top of the base again to test it. Your blender should be working fine now.

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Run for too Long

The NutriBullet is designed to run for short periods. The blades are powered by a motor located within the blender’s base, and the motors are at best performance when they are used bit by bit instead of running for a long period.  Your NutriBullet blender should not run longer than 60 seconds at a stretch. If it runs longer than this, the motors in the base will start to overheat and may stop working. 

If this ever happens, all you need to do is leave it for a while to cool down. Letting it rest for 30 to 45 minutes should suffice. Afterward, turn on your blender and it should start working again. To prevent this from ever happening, use your blender in short periods of 30 – 45 seconds, then let it rest for a few seconds before resuming the blending process.

Jammed Blades

Jammed blades are another reason blenders don’t work. Since the blades of the blender are what do the work of blending your ingredients, there is no making use of the blender if they are jammed. Getting the blades cleaned is the only way to fix this. To do this, separate the cup from the blades and carefully clean them, making sure to remove any dirt that might be stuck between them.

To prevent this problem from ever happening in the first place, ensure to clean your blender blades periodically to prevent dirt build-up.

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Damaged Motor

While a lot of times, the reason your NutriBullet blender isn’t working isn’t a fault with the blender itself, sometimes, it is. The most common of these faults is an issue with the motor. When this happens, the blades of the blender wouldn’t rotate at all. In cases like this, your NutriBullet requires professional help. Consider sending it back to the manufacturer if the blender is still covered by warranty or simply get the blender to any professional technician near you. Never attempt to work on your NutriBullet blender yourself without any prior experience.

Sometimes, the cost of repairing your NutriBullet can be close to getting a brand-new NutriBullet blender altogether. In that case, going for a new one would be your best bet. The NutriBullet NBR-1201 is a great choice here.


NutriBullet blenders are quality products designed to be durable. When used properly, following best practices and avoiding human error, these blenders would serve you for a long time without any issues. Should you ever find yourself asking the question why is my NutriBullet not working, chances are, one of the five things mentioned above is the cause. Fix the problem, and follow the preventive measures sprinkled all over this article, and you shouldn’t face any of these problems again.

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