Vitamix Propel 510 Blender Review (Tested)

As an authority in the field, it is evident that Vitamix blenders consistently distinguish themselves in today’s market, garnering impressive consumer satisfaction with their performance. Particularly noteworthy within the Vitamix lineup is the Propel Series 510, a blender that stands out prominently.

In terms of overall blend quality, the Vitamix Propel Series 510 resides in the upper echelons of blenders, surpassing the capabilities of many competitors. However, it’s important to assess whether or not this blender truly lives up to the acclaim it receives. In this article, we’ll share the most notable attributes we have discovered about the Vitamix Propel Series 510, which places it among some of the top-tier Vitamix blenders.

Meet the Blender: Vitamix Propel 510

The Vitamix 510 is a full-size blender, the latest among the Proper Series models. It has a very sturdy build, with a 48 oz main jar and a sturdy 1400 W motor base.

It includes a user-friendly speed dial, pulse switch, and an array of automatic blending programs like ‘Smoothie,’ ‘Frozen Drinks,’ and ‘Hot Soup,’ giving users greater levels of control over texture. Drawing striking similarities to its slightly more expensive sibling, the Vitamix Propel 750, the Vitamix Propel 510 undeniably shines with equal brilliance, all while being attainable at a more palatable price point.

A Deeper Look at the Vitamix Propel 510 Blender

While the Vitamix Propel 510 may be an excellent blender, it can be difficult to tell at first glance. Our deeper analysis of the blender reveals the features and qualities that really set this blender apart.

Build Quality

The Vitamix Propel 510 boasts an exceptional level of durability. Merely holding it, one can easily feel the solid quality of this blender. Its sturdy construction exudes a tangible sense of quality, leaving no doubt about its reliability.

The 1400 W motor base is quite sturdy and well-balanced featuring a dial from the Vitamix 7500 and switches from the Pro 750. There’s also a blue on/off switch with the LED light. This blender has a classic look reminiscent of the Vitamix G and C series. The 510 also features a 48-ounce container that is ideal for midsize blends, and the motor base is equipped with three program settings– Smoothie, Hot Soup, and Frozen Dessert – and ten variable speeds settings, making it easy to get your preferred textures.


The blender comes with a 48 oz capacity jar with a graduated side for easy measurements, ideal for midsized thick blends. As with many other Vitamix blender jars, the jar of the Vitamix Propel 510 is wide at the top and narrow at the base, making it easy for the blades to work efficiently by creating a whirlpool that sucks in all the ingredients.

Crafted from BPA-free Eastman Tritan, the jar and its lid ensure a worry-free blending experience. It is also easy to clean as both components are dishwasher-safe, allowing you to effortlessly maintain hygiene. The jar is secured with a two-part lid and has a plastic centre piece that can be easily removed if you want to add more ingredients or use a tamper.


Within the main jar lie four sturdy star-shaped blades. While not removable like some of its counterparts such as the Ninja Foodi Power Blender Ultimate System, these blades make up for that shortcoming by being easily hand cleaned.

The blades of the Vitamix Propel 510 are permanently fixed inside the jar, ensuring stability and reliability. They are securely held in place by a nut assembly, which may tempt you to remove them, especially since they are dishwasher safe. However, it’s important to exercise caution because removing the blades will void the warranty.

The blades are very durable and made with hardened, laser-cut stainless steel, ensuring that they don’t rust or get dull over time. The blades of this blender are very reliable and can even blend some ingredients without adding much water, ensuring premium blend quality. The minimum speed runs at 1,400 RPM, while the maximum speed is set at 22,500 RPM.

However, do take caution. Although the blades are quite durable and efficient, dry blending is not recommended as this could quickly wear out the blades.

Motor Base

The motor base is quite straight forward combining the features of the Vitamix Pro 750 and Vitamix 7500. The 1400 W motor base also offers three program settings – Smoothie, Hot Soup, and Frozen Dessert – that provide a convenient way to achieve consistent results without constantly monitoring the blending process.

The ten variable speeds allow for precise control over texture, ensuring you can refine your blends to your desired consistency. Furthermore, there’s a Pulse feature, which is particularly useful for creating recipes like chunky pasta sauces or thick vegetable soups.

In terms of performance, the motor of this blender shines when it comes to processing fibrous ingredients. It excels in producing smooth purées, especially for small batches. However, it’s worth noting that there may be some small specks left behind due to bits sticking to the jar’s walls. Additionally, when working with smaller volumes, the extra room in the jar can introduce more air into the blend, resulting in a somewhat airy or bubbly texture.

On the upside, the motor of the blender performs exceptionally well when blending at full capacity. It effortlessly processes large amounts of fibrous ingredients into extremely smooth purées without leaving any unprocessed bits.

It is also highly efficient in crushing ice. The pulse switch makes it easy to achieve uniformly crushed, snow-like ice for various beverages.

Noise Level

When it comes to noise level, it’s important to note that the Vitamix Propel 510 leans towards the louder side at 95.4 dB. While it gets the job done efficiently, the noise it generates during operation can be a bit more bothersome compared to quieter alternatives like the KitchenAid K400 and Wolf Gourmet Pro-Performance blenders.

If you prefer a quieter blending experience, you may want to consider other options. However, if noise isn’t a major concern for you and you value the performance of the Vitamix Propel 510, it still remains a reliable choice for achieving excellent blending results.

Clean Up

Cleaning this blender is quite simple. You can effortlessly rid your blender of stubborn food remnants by adding a soapy concoction into the jar and letting it run for a few minutes. However, gently scrubbing the jar’s sides with a brush is highly recommended to ensure great results.


The Vitamix Propel 510 comes with a 5-year warranty instead of the usual 10-year warranty of most Vitamix top blenders. However, do note that the reduction in warranty years is not a reflection of the lack of quality, but is simply due to the lower price tag.


The Vitamix Propel 510 strikes a perfect balance between performance and affordability. With its advanced blender features, this model is available at a mid-tier price point, typically around $450. It’s a great investment for those seeking top-notch functionality without breaking the bank.

What Does the Vitamix Propel 510 Excel At?

We’ve seen most of the functionalities of these blenders and by now you probably already have enough information to make an informed decision. But let’s take a look at some of the recipes this blender does very well with.


When it comes to creating flawless smoothies, the Vitamix Propel 510 reigns supreme. With its 48oz main jar, this blender is tailor-made for single and multiple-serve delights. It effortlessly handles fibrous ingredients, like kale or blueberries, delivering silky-smooth concoctions. Crushing ice is also a breeze, and its dedicated smoothie blending program allows you to multitask while it works its magic.


When it comes to crushing ice, the Vitamix Propel 510 stands out as a true champion. Its pulse switch functionality makes ice crushing an easy affair, effortlessly transforming ice cubes into a powdery, snow-like consistency.

It is built to withstand the rigors of blending tough ingredients like ice. However, if you frequently prepare large batches of smoothies or blended margaritas, you may find the 48oz jar slightly limiting. Nonetheless, if ice-crushing is your priority, the Vitamix Propel 510 is an exceptional choice that delivers impeccable results.


With its ‘Soup’ program, the blender can even heat ingredients through friction, delivering piping hot soups in approximately seven minutes. Cleaning is a breeze, and the two-part lid allows for easy ingredient additions. However, if you frequently prepare multiple servings, the 48oz capacity may prove slightly restrictive. Nevertheless, the Vitamix Propel 510 is a soup lover’s dream, guaranteeing satisfying results with each blend.

Compared to Similar Blenders

Now let’s take a look at how this blender fairs with other similar blenders.

Vitamix Propel 750

The Vitamix Propel 750 is like a sibling to the 510 and is very similar in a lot of ways. The 510 features a smaller capacity and fewer blending programs but shines with its compact size and quieter operation. If a larger jar isn’t essential and a slightly smaller, quieter machine appeals to you, the 510 might be a perfect choice.

Vitamix Explorian E310

When comparing the Vitamix Propel 510 to the Vitamix Explorian E310, the Propel outshines in several aspects. It boasts a more compact size, operates with reduced noise levels, offers convenient automatic blending programs, and features a longer power cord. For most purposes, the Propel is a superior choice over the Explorian E310.

Vitamix 5200

Both these blenders look very similar at first glance and function the same way. However, the Propel 510 shines when it comes to tackling tough blends like ice-crushing and nut butter, thanks to its powerful motor and sturdy construction. On the other hand, the 5200’s narrower jar allows for the creation of exceptionally smooth single-serve smoothies, resulting in a silky texture that is hard to beat.

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Is the Vitamix Propel 510 a Great Choice for Me?

The Vitamix Propel 510 is a great blender and can be put to use for almost any recipe. If you have no problem with its limiting jar capacity, can put up with the noise level, and can afford to put down about $450 for the blender, then this blender will serve you well.

Final Verdict

The Vitamix Propel 510 is great for household use but also emerges as a formidable contender for professional use. You’ll especially enjoy this blender when blending fibrous fruits, vegetables, and ice cubes. Furthermore, the convenience of dishwasher-safe components adds an extra layer of ease to the cleaning process. The Vitamix Propel 510 is undeniably a reliable companion for culinary enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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