Vitamix E320 Review: We’ve Tested All Vitamix Model

If you are even remotely conversant with kitchen appliances, especially blenders, then Vitamix is definitely not an uncommon name to you. A brand well known for its high-performance blenders and unmatched durability, Vitamix is one of those blender brands you can always trust to provide top-of-the-line products.

The Vitamix E320 is one of the brand’s cheaper blenders and is a perfect choice for individuals looking to try out the premium brand for the first time without having the extra hundreds of dollars to spare on some of the brand’s more expensive appliances.

But is it really worth buying this blender? In this blender review, we’ll take a closer look at the Vitamix E320, taking a deep dive into the blender’s functionality and breaking down its every feature to see whether or not this is a great blender for you. So with that said, let’s get right to the review.

Meet the Blender: Vitamix E320

Meet the Vitamix E320 blender – a powerful kitchen tool that can take your culinary skills to new heights! Featuring a massive 1640 W motor, this blender is a powerful kitchen blender that is great for blending tough ingredients, making soups, brewing tasty smoothies, and handling the toughest blending activities. With its large 64-ounce container which is perfect for preparing large batches of your favorite recipes and the 10 variable speeds and pulse feature which give you complete control over your blends, here’s a blender designed to provide power and versatility.

A blender from Vitamix’s Explorian Series, the E320, like the Vitamix E310, is one of Vitamix’s more affordable blenders. Designed for individuals looking for affordable high-performance blenders without having to give up too much of that premium quality, the E320 is a great entry-level option for both household and professional use. Long-lasting and featuring a sturdy build while being easy to clean and use, the E320 is a convenient and reliable choice for anyone looking to purchase their first premium-quality blender.

A Deeper Look at the Vitamix E320 Blender

Like most Vitamix blenders, the E320 looks like a stellar blender at first glance. But first appearances don’t always tell the whole tale, and while Vitamix is a brand known for producing quality blenders, this doesn’t necessarily mean ALL Vitamix blenders are made equal. Below is a more in-depth look into the Vitamix E320 blender to see if it really lives up to Vitamix’s name.

Build Quality

At first glance, one can tell that the Vitamix E320 is not a cheap blender. Featuring that solid and elegant look we’ve come to know and love about Vitamix, the blender looks like a solidly put-together device.

The motor base on this blender looks sturdy and weighty, the type of device that’d provide stability during use. Its 64-ounce container looks elegant and reliable, with a sturdy handle that provides a secure grip, a two-part lid that provides an opening for the tamper, and measurements for easy fluid measurement. Both the motor base and the container on this blender look highly durable and fit together just right.

Overall, the E20 looks like a properly put-together blender, one you can trust to remain intact for well over a decade. When compared to other Vitamix blenders, however, it is obvious that the Vitamix E320 is inferior to the brand’s more expensive models. While the blender does pass as a solidly built device, it feels a bit lighter and less premium when compared to other Vitamix models.


The E320 comes with Vitamix’s 64-ounce low-profile jar ideal for preparing large quantities of smoothies, soups, sauces, and any of your favorite recipes. The container is crafted from premium quality Eastman Tritan Copolyester, which ensures durability and high shatter resistance. This is the same container you’d find on many of the more expensive Vitamix blenders. The jar’s glass-like appearance provides an easy see-through surface that lets you monitor the blending process closely while the lid’s spout makes the pouring of blends effortless. The jar comes graduated and features measurements in ounces, cups, and millimeters to suit whatever style your recipe demands.

Along with the jar comes Vitamix’s two-part lid which has a dedicated opening for a tamper which comes with the blender and can also be used to add in some additional ingredients. The lid fits securely with the blender and stays on even during the most vigorous blending operations.

One flaw with this blender jar however is the sprout’s square design which can often make pouring a bit messy, though that is hardly a dealbreaker.


Like we’ve come to expect of virtually all Vitamix blenders, the blades on the E320 are nothing short of premium quality. Made of finely honed stainless steel, these 4 inches long blades are designed with durability and efficiency in mind. The four-pronged blade design features both a sharp side and a blunt side for chopping and crushing respectively. This leaves users with a blender effective at blending almost anything.

One of the most impressive things about these blades is their ability to handle both wet and dry blending. With these blender blades, you can make both recipes that require liquids (e.g. smoothies and slushies) and those that need to be blended dry (e.g. coffee beans and spices).

Motor Base

The motor base of the Vitamix E320 is where the company’s attempt at making the blender more affordable becomes really obvious. Although the base boasts a 1640 W peak power motor, making this one of the most powerful blenders on the market, there are a few things about it that sets it below what we have come to identify as the Vitamix standard. While solidly built with a substantial weight to it, the E320 is observably lighter than its more expensive counterparts.

The base comes with only three controls; an on/off switch, a pulse switch, and a speed control knob which features 10-speed options. There are no preset blending programs and no displays on this blender. While this is not unlike many of the classic Vitamix models like the Vitamix 5200, the controls on the E320 (especially the speed controls) feel less clicky and a bit jankier when compared to the more expensive Vitamix blenders.

That being said, none of the above-stated issues really affect the performance of the blender, and the E320 still remains a very capable high-performance blender. The 10 variable speeds on the E320 allow you a variety of blending speeds to choose from. The motor on this blender is also capable of generating blending speeds of between 1600 RPMs to 23000 RPMs, allowing you to make recipes that require low blending speeds just as well as you’d make those requiring high speeds. Add to that the 10 variable speeds, and you have even more control over how fast or how slow you want the blender to go.

Noise Level

While this blender can be very easy to use, it is definitely not quiet. The E320 is among some of the noisest blenders of the Vitamix brand and can get as loud as 98dB. Nobody likes the sound of a noisy blender; hence, you wouldn’t want this blender running for too long. You might also want to steer clear of using it in the early or late hours especially if you live with others as it is sure to be a disturbance to those who might be asleep.

Clean Up

Cleaning the Vitamix E320 blender is a breeze. Although the blades are inbuilt blades, it’s still very easy to clean this blender. Simply add some liquid soap and lukewarm water to the blender, blend it for 45 to 60 seconds, and rinse it off with clean water.

The blender’s self-cleaning feature also makes cleaning hassle-free. However, bear in mind that this blender is not dishwasher-friendly like the Vitamix A2300, so be sure to handle the cleaning process with care. Avoid using sharp or abrasive tools or cleaning scrubs that could damage the container or the blade.


The E320 is a sturdy blender; hence, some care needs to be taken when storing away this blender. It stands 18 inches with a low-profile jar, it is an ideal height for a kitchen counter.


This blender is on the less price end of the Vitamix blender spectrum at about $350. This is a very considerable price considering the quality and durability of the blender.

What is the Vitamix E320 Good For

Taking into account all we know about the E320 so far, it is no stretch to say the blender has all the makings of a great quality high-performance blender. Taking the blender on a performance test to see exactly what this powerhouse can really do, here is the conclusion we came to:

The Vitamix E320 is a great blender for multipurpose blending.

Being a high-performance blender with a high-powered motor, great blades, and the ability to reach high blending speeds, this blender can go through almost anything you place in it. The fact that the blades are great for handling both wet and dry ingredients further adds to how versatile this blender is. If this is the only blender you’d be getting, you can rest assured that it can handle all you’d need it to. The blender might not be the best blender Vitamix offers, but when it comes to performance, this blender gets the job done.

What is the Vitamix E320 Not Ideal For?

The E320 is not without its flaws, and while it is a great blender, there are quite a few things the blender isn’t so great at. Below are the major two:

1. Silent Blending

The E320 is NOT a quiet blender. This is no surprise seeing as the blender has a powerful motor, but there are several blenders as powerful as the E320 that are significantly quieter. So if for any reason you need a quiet blender, the E320 is not an ideal blender for you.

2. Blending for Long Periods of Time

Seeing as the E320 is a loud blender, it is not one you’d want to make use of for long periods of time. While the blender’s noise might be acceptable for a few seconds or a minute or two, it’s not the kind of blender you’d want to make soup or peanut butter in.

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3. Smart Blending

The E320 is NOT a smart blender, so if you are looking for a blender that comes with things like preset blending programs and in-built timers, this is NOT the blender for you.

Compared to Similar Blenders

Vitamix 750

The Vitamix E320 and 750 blenders share 10 variable speeds and a 64oz container but differ in price and features. The 750 is pricier but comes with pre-set programs, a commercial-grade motor, and an all-metal finish, making it a smarter, more reliable, and quieter blender than the E320.

Vitamix 5300

The Vitamix E320 and 5300 have a lot in common. From the 2.2 HP motor to the 64oz container and 10 variable speed options, these blenders are almost identical pieces of machinery and make great substitutes for one another. Performance-wise, there is no huge difference between the two blenders, though the 5300 is generally a better-built and quieter device, while the E320 is cheaper.

Vitamix A3500

The Vitamix E320 and A3500, have very little in comparison. The A3500 is a professional-grade blender from Vitamix’s Ascent Series and comes with a higher price tag. It boasts a range of advanced features, including pre-set programs, self-detect containers, a digital timer, a touch screen, and even wifi connectivity. Meanwhile, the E320 is a mid-range blender. If you want the latest and greatest in blender technology, the A3500 is the way to go. If you don’t have the extra hundreds of dollars to spend though, the E320 is the option for you.

Final Verdict

The Vitamix E320 is a great blender for individuals looking to move from low-range cheap blenders to more premium, high-performance blenders. The E320 itself is a great blender in all rights and is a very powerful, highly versatile blender. That being said, for its price range, we would have preferred a motor base that feels a little less janky, especially that speed dial. Apart from that and the noise, the E320 performs just great and can do practically anything the more expensive non-smart Vitamix blenders can do.

If you are okay with having a louder high-performance, non-smart blender that would last you for many years and costs only a few hundred dollars, then the Vitamix E320 is a great choice for you.

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