What is an Immersion Blender

Blenders come in different shapes and sizes. Despite this variety in design though, blenders generally have a basic design they’re known all over the world for; a motor base at the bottom and a container for holding the ingredients at the top. From the mini-sized personal blenders to the much bigger countertop blenders, this is a setup you’d find throughout the industry. Yet there is one group of blenders that do not feature this design; immersion blenders. 

Not sure what an immersion blender is? This article will provide answers to the questions; what is an immersion blender, what are the characteristics of such a blender, what can this blender be used for, and so much more.

What is an Immersion Blender?

An immersion blender is a kitchen instrument used to do everything regular countertop and personal blenders can do. There’s just one major difference, whereas you place ingredients into countertop and personal blenders, you place the immersion blender into the ingredients, hence the name. In other words, an immersion blender is any blender that is usually immersed in the ingredients it would be blending.

What Are the Characteristics of an Immersion Blender?

While the other types of blenders are two-piece equipment with a motor base and a pitcher (in the case of countertop blenders) or a cup (in the case of personal blenders), immersion blenders are one-piece, stick-like devices. This “wand” design is intended to make it easy for the device to get into the bowl containing the ingredients and get the job done effectively.

Immersion Blender

The bottom half of an immersion blender’s wand serves as the blender’s handle and features the motor and the control buttons. The top half is the part of the blender to be immersed and is often much slimmer than the handle. The end of this half features the blender’s blades which are often much smaller than those of regular blenders and a small, cup-like shaft designed to trap food and prevent splashing. Depending on the manufacturer, the immersion blenders can be cabled or cordless. 

What Kinds of Ingredients Can be Processed With an Immersion Blender?

Immersion blenders are capable of handling most wet and soft ingredients that regular blenders can handle. They can be used to blend smoothies, puree babe food, mix liquids like soups and milkshakes, and so much more. They can also be used for less tasking jobs like making dressings and whipping cream. 

Some heavy-duty immersion benders are even capable of handling tougher, harder ingredients such as cooked meat, vegetables, and even potatoes. Below is a list of some of the things you can use an immersion blender to make:

  1. Mayonnaise

If you’ve ever made mayonnaise, you’d know that the ingredients used do not easily mix. Being an emulsification of oil and egg yolks, this is of very little surprise. An immersion blender is a very helpful tool to use here, and can very easily help create a homogeneous mixture.

  1. Shakes and Smoothies

Immersion blenders are great for making shakes and smoothies. These blenders can very easily blend fresh and even frozen fruits, frozen yogurts, milk, and anything else you might need in your shakes or smoothies.

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  1. Salsa and Pesto

Immersion blenders are great for pureeing vegetables of all kinds. From onions to garlic, pepper, jalapeno, and so much more, these blenders can very easily pulverize your veggies with no problem. This makes them great for making things like salsa and pesto.

  1. Baby Food

Immersion blenders are perhaps the best choice of blenders for making baby food. This is because, with these blenders, you don’t need to transfer the baby food from a blender pitcher or cup into your baby’s plate. With an immersion blender, you can simply blend directly in the plate! 

These blenders can be used to whirl tough fibrous ingredients like beets or broccoli as well as soft ingredients like steamed fruits and vegetables, leaving you with a variety of ingredients to work with. 

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Best Immersion Blenders To Choose

Are you new to the world of immersion blenders and which are the best ones for you? Here are three of our top picks:

Braun MultiQuick 5 Immersion Blender

One of the best immersion blenders out there, here is one immersion blender you can use for almost anything. The blender’s wand features a slim build that ensures it can go into almost any container, making it applicable in a variety of ways. 

Cuisinart Smart Stick Blender

This immersion blender is equipped with a powerful but quiet direct current motor. It also has a two-speed function that allows you to blend soft ingredients like smoothies and purees, but it can also handle tougher tasks like vegetables and frozen fruits. Its two-speed slide control also makes it easy to slide between high and low speeds.

KitchenAid 5-Speed Hand Blender

This is a very versatile immersion blender with three interchangeable bell blades. It is equipped with an 8-inch blending arm that easily locks into the motor body. This is very useful and comfortable when blending in deeper containers. It also has a whisk attachment for whopping egg whites to fluffy peaks and cream.


Immersion blenders are great tools to use in the kitchen. Although it’s not something you want to replace your countertop blender or food processor with; however, it is an appliance that should be found in every kitchen. 

There are many more uses for the immersion blender; however, it cannot be used to blend just about anything. While they can be used for tough ingredients, they are still less powerful than normal blenders; hence, reducing their use on tough ingredients like frozen foods is a wise decision.

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