Is It Safe to Put Soda in a Blender? (Full Guide)

A popular ingredient in many cocktails, smoothies, and slushie recipes, soda has always been one of the go-to ingredients for beginners. Being easy to use and compatible with a variety of ingredients, it is easy to see why. When it comes to the making of smoothies and slushies or other beverages that are prepared in a blender though, many beginners hesitate to make use of soda. One question often comes up during times like this; can you put soda in a blender?

In this article, we would be answering this question as well as several others related to it, providing you with all you need to know about the subject. With that said, let’s get right to it!

Can You Put Soda In a Blender?

Yes, you can put soda in a blender. Whether you are adding chunks of frozen soda into the blender to make a soda slushie like the Homemade Coca-Cola Slushie, or you are adding liquid soda to your fruit mix before making a smoothie like the Strawmelonberry Soda Smoothie, you can make these recipes in your blender. 

In many ways, however, the real question shouldn’t be, can you put soda in a blender? Instead, it should be, is it safe to put soda in a blender? This is because, while it is possible to put soda in a blender and get beautiful results from doing so, there are still a few concerns about putting soda, or any carbonated drink for that matter, in a blender.

Concerns About Putting Soda in a blender

Everyone knows about the bubbly, fizzy effect of soda. Pour a soda into a cup and it starts to foam. Shake a bottle of soda for just a few seconds and it would build up so much pressure it could explode. 

This reaction is due to CO2 gasses present in soda and other carbonated drinks which try to escape when the drink is agitated. The foam you see when soda is poured into a cup is the result of the gasses escaping. The pressure in the sealed bottle is because the gasses are trapped, and this is where the concerns about putting soda in a blender arise from.

When putting soda in a blender and sealing the lid in preparation for blending, you are placing it in a similar start as the closed sealed bottle. When you start blending, the soda gets agitated and the CO2 gasses try to escape. But with nowhere to go, wouldn’t that just leave you with a pressurized blender just waiting to explode?

This brings us to the big question;

Is it Safe to Put Soda in a Blender?

There is a quick answer to this question, and that is, yes, it is safe to put soda in a blender. All over the internet, there are videos of people successfully blending soda without their blenders exploding. 

But that is just the quick answer, and while the quick answer is true, it can be a bit misleading. So instead of just the quick answer though, here’s our preferred answer to the question. 

Putting soda in a blender can be safe if done right. Contrary to popular belief, blending soda and other carbonated drinks in a blender doesn’t form as much CO2 as would have been expected. This is due to the sharing of the blender blades which destroys most of the CO2 leaving you with a loss less gas, and as such, less pressure in your blender. 

Concerns About Putting Soda in a blender

This is only the case when a moderate amount of soda is placed into the blender, however. If too much soda is placed into the blender, then things begin to get risky and unsafe, and your blender becomes a lot more likely to explode.

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How Much Soda Should You Put in Your Blender?

To be safe, we advise that you have no more than half of your blender filled with soda when blending. This is only the case when your blender is filled with just soda though. When mixing soda with other ingredients in a blender, you can fill the mixture up to between ½ and ¾ of the blender. The more the quantity of soda required in your recipe, the closer to ½ you’d want to have your ingredients. The less soda, the closer you can get to ¾ of the container.

Final Thoughts

To conclude on the subject, yes, you can put soda in your blender, and yes, it is safe to do so. Nevertheless, the concerns stated earlier in this post are valid. When not done right, i.e when you place too much soda in your blender, you put your blender at risk of exploding. To be safe, we recommend filling your blender to no more than ½ its capacity when putting soda in it.

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